international shipping

Do we ship internationally?

YES! Oui!, ¡Si!, Ja!, Hai!, Ano!, Aye!, Kylla!

One of the most common questions we are asked is if Regal Flame™ ships to other countries. Since June, 2012, we teamed up with an international freight forwarding company to make sure our products can ship to almost every country in the world! It's an exciting development for our company as we receive thousands of international visitors to our website every month.

So now, YES! We can ship all of our products (with a few exceptions) around the world.

How does this work?

Simply shop on our website as you would on any other website, add items to your cart and when you're ready to complete your purchase then follow the button for International Customers.

At that point you will be directed to our international payment method and shipping calculation page for your products (including duties and taxes in most countries).

Within about 1 week your order will be shipped to our international forwarding partner for packaging, labeling, and shipping to your home or office.

How do you know if something does or does not ship internationally?

Just look for the blue globe. On every product with a blue globe it's possible to ship outside of the USA. If the blue globe is greyed out, the item is restricted for some specific reason (licensing, live animals, etc).

The best part? Unlike some other online companies, your shipping and duties are guaranteed! You will never be asked to pay more than the amount during checkout.


It's really that simple!

But, just in case you didn't read those VERY IMPORTANT TERMS, here they are again.